Clothing & Accessories


Stanfield’s manufactures quality undergarments and sweaters .

They are proudly Canadian from Truro, Nova Scotia. 

From coast to coast to coast, Stanfield’s gear is ready to keep you warm and dry on every Canadian excursion. No matter the province or territory, they have the underwear, base layer and apparel to outfit you for everything from that hike through the mountains to a day on the water and all of the adventures in between!🍁


While Williamson-Dickie began as a bib overall company, today it has grown to be the number one manufacturer of work apparel worldwide. By continually expanding and updating its selection, Williamson-Dickie now offers garments ranging from its staple work pants and work shirts to items such as women’s workwear, chore coats, and denim jeans. 

Watson Gloves

With a century of experience, Watson Gloves is Canada’s single source for hand protection: at work, at home, at play. Whether we source our gloves from the world’s finest manufacturers or handcraft them in our local factory, every pair of gloves we sell has been selected from top-of-the-line materials, design, and craftsmanship.

Try on a pair of Watson gloves. Your hands will thank you!